bullet_1 Solutions

SOLKOA, Inc. provides a comprehensive array of Personnel Recovery & Security solutions to its clients through four business segments.  If you have additional questions about SOLKOA, Inc. or our unique offerings, e-mail us at corporate@solkoa.com

bullet_1 Education & Training Programs
The greatest return on investment any entity can make to enrich its capacity is expanding the knowledge and skills of its personnel.  SOLKOA, Inc. provides customized PR/SERE education and training through the most effective and efficient means including experiential, classroom, virtual/distance learning, and blended modalities.

      bullet_2 Individual Pre-Deployment Training & Education
      bullet_2 Institutional Master Planning, Management, and Execution
            – PR/SERE Curriculum Development
            – Facilities & Supporting Infrastructure Design
            – Cadre Organization, Training and Quality Assurance
            – Durable Equipment, Training Aids, & Consumable Supplies
            – Budget Forecasting & Fiscal Management
      bullet_2 Organization-based Sustainment Training (Recurring or “Just-in-Time”)
      bullet_2 Professional Development Seminars for Leaders and Staff
      bullet_2 Advanced and Specialized PR/SERE Education & Training Programs

bullet_1 Advanced PR/SERE Equipment, Tools, and Systems RDT&E
There’s a tool for every job, and the PR/SERE world is no different. But since you already have a job to do, with many tools, we help you leverage technical and equipment capabilities already available to you in your field, and then judiciously select reliable PR/SERE-specific tools and technologies as a last resort to fill gaps in coverage.   Whether your needs are over the horizon, or down in the weeds, our experts can help you with: 

      bullet_2 Customized Escape & Evasion, Survival and Recovery Kits (Individual, Crew, Team)
      bullet_2 Operational integration and fielding of new PR/SERE equipment & systems
      bullet_2 Rapid in-house prototyping, design, and testing of unique PR/SERE tools
      bullet_2 Technical assistance to emerging technology programs in development

bullet_1 Operations Support
We offer a wide variety of services to quickly assess your organization’s readiness to conduct PR, and then help you lead germane transformation that mitigates current risks, improves time-sensitive planning under rapidly changing conditions, and enhances your team’s performance while under the duress of crisis response. 

      bullet_2 Operational Research, Mission & Risk Analysis
      bullet_2 Strategic, Operational, and Tactical PR Planning Assistance (CONOPs, CONPLANs, EPAs, EAPs, etc.)
      bullet_2 PR Infrastructure Assessments, Development (All-Source) & Integration
      bullet_2 Pre-deployment PR/SERE Preparation (Individual & Organizational)
      bullet_2 Exercise Planning & Support (FTX, CPX, Readiness Exercises, etc.)
      bullet_2 Operational Program Augmentation, Assistance & Maintenance

bullet_1 Consulting Services
In a rapidly changing environment, one key to success is the infusion of new ideas and fresh perspectives.  SOLKOA’s seasoned experts provide straightforward guidance you can trust.  We help you contend with current situations and prepare for future challenges through innovative solutions tailored to your specific requirements and operating environment. 

SOLKOA Survival-LOGO High Def Black SMALL 

 SOLKOA Survival Systems is SOLKOA’s line of professional grade survival products available to the general public.  These products include Fastfire™, the Faststrike™, the SUMA™ Container, the Grip-S™ and an expanding line of emergency survival kits and modules.  All these products are available to consumers at www.solkoasurvival.com.  SOLKOA is also seeking qualified resellers in the U.S. and abroad.



Suma Container